Mansfield Medical Clinic


In early 2010 we were proud to open the Mansfield Integrated Health Service in the building behind the existing clinic.

The facility has a number of allied health consulting rooms, as well as a gym area for use by the therapists and physical trainers with their clients. It is also the location of Dorevitch Pathology's Mansfield collection centre. It remains a facility before its time in its co-housing of primary care and rehabilitative services, and having seen the positive results it can facilitate, we  hope it becomes a model for other medical centres into the future.

It provides a facility to accommodate allied health professionals in one to one care (Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Sleep Apnoea support practitioner) as well as allowing small group exercise classes led by physical trainers to assist people to lose weight, improve their physical function and rehabilitate after surgery or illness. Group sessions are run with a particular focus or target group and currently target weight loss, balance and stability, functional strength, men, and a more traditional circuit and kettle bell exercise classes. Group sessions are generally for 6 visits after an initial personal assessment. It is hoped group sessions will allow better access to these services by reducing the cost to the individual while at the same time making it a social and motivating experience.

The service is also able to apply for external funding for specific clients assisted by an Aged Care or Carer's Support Package. In these situations we look at each case individually, to assess what the clients specific needs are, in order to apply for appropriate funding. Where appropriate we can apply to Workcover for funding of a return to work program.