Mansfield Medical Clinic

The Region

A diverse geographical region made up of a series of fertile valleys, surrounded by Victoria’s famous High Country. Complex mosaics of mountains, dominated by Mt Buller, are headwaters to five major river systems.

Population: about 8,000

Area: about 4,000 square kms

Climate: Due to variations in terrain, there are several microclimates within the shire.

The average annual rainfall is in excess of 800mm in the elevated areas.


Mansfield and The High Country

Craigs Hut

Mansfield is a prospering rural township at the edge of the Victorian High Country in North East Victoria. It is close to both Lake Eildon, and the Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts, and as a consequence is a popular tourist destination in both Summer and Winter.

As well as its townsfolk and tourists, it services the surrounding agricultural areas, and the towns of Mt Buller, Merrijig, Jamieson, Woods Point, Bonnie Doon, Maindample, Barjarg, Barwite and Tolmie.

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