Mansfield Medical Clinic

Mt Buller Medical Centre

The Mt Buller Medical Centre operates during the official snow season, and from 2009 has been run by the Mansfield Medical Clinic under a licence agreement with the Mt Buller Resort Management Board. We work in conjunction with the Ski Patrol (run by Buller Ski Lifts) and Ambulance Victoria (both of whom have facilities in close proximity to the Medical Centre), to provide emergency and acute care to those who become unwell or are injured on the mountain.

The Medical Centre has an Emergency Department trolley bay layout as well as 2 consulting rooms, an Observation area and a fixed X-Ray unit. Medical Staffing is by a combination of the Rural General Practitioners
from Mansfield and locum doctors from elsewhere, many of whom have served the mountain in this capacity for many years. Doctors wanting to work at the Mt Buller Medical Centre as Locums require skills in trauma and emergency management, orthopaedics and general practice and need to work well in a team and under the pressures of a constant workload. Blocks of 1-2 weeks are allocated to doctors with accommodation provided on the mountain with an allocated day off for locum doctors.

Nursing is provided by a roster of registered nurses who support the medical staff and do much of the day to day running of the clinic. Nurses wanting to work at the centre need to have skills in emergency care and wound management as well as a team attitude and be comfortable living on site in the communal environment of the clinic.

X-ray services are provided by the Mansfield Doctors with the help of a rostered team of qualified Radiographers. The Mansfield Doctors hold radiation licences and maintain accreditation through continuing medical education in the taking and interpretation of X-Rays. The Centre has a dispensary of commonly required medications. For medications not kept in stock we can facilitate the filling of prescriptions with the pharmacies in Mansfield who can courier medications and other products to patients on the mountain.

For the safety those on the slopes the staff of the Medical Centre recommend:

  • Helmets for all
  • Wrist Guards for Snowboarders
  • Adherence to the Alpine Responsibility Code
  • An up to date Ambulance Victoria membership subscription
  • Conservative driving on your way to and from the mountain
Contact Details:  
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Mt Buller Medical Centre
Phone 03 5777 6185
Fax 03 5777 6720
40 Summit Rd (PO Box 89)
Mt Buller Vic 3723
Mansfield Medical Clinic
Phone 03 5775 2166
Fax 03 5775 2533
49 Highett St (PO Box 138)
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